5 Glowing Skin Resolutions for the New Year

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Simple Glowing Skincare Tips from the Klezzo BeautyBooth

Welcome to the first post of the Beauty Booth & Happy 2019!

Today, we will be focusing on the BASICS.

TIP 1: Wash your face AND neck every day!

- Don’t forget to wash and moisturize your neck too in order to prevent those fine lines.

- Wash your face TWICE a day.

- Make sure to use organic fragrance-free products.

TIP 2: Hydrate yourself!

- Make sure to drink 2L of water.

- Drink Sparkling Water w/ half a lemon daily for the Vitamin C Boost.

TIP 3: Hydrate your hands! Put on Hand Cream after you wash your hands!

TIP 4: Dry Body Brush Daily!

- This helps with blood circulation and stretch marks/cellulites!

TIP 5: Have a Beauty Schedule for Yourself!

- When did you do your mud mask? When did you exfoliate your skin? It's important to keep a beauty schedule for yourself!

Let's get that glow this year!

- Klezzo BeautyBooth

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