Face Masks? What do you know about them?

“Hmm... I’m trying to lock in some moisture. My face is TOO dry!"

DING, DING! Face masks!

These awesome masks are to be worn at home (no, not a costume party) and are the quick solution to locking in all the moisture, ampules and anything you need to have a healthy, hydrated & handsome face! Or sexy face...I couldn’t think of anything that starts with an “H”.

Use these tips before you decide to use a daily face mask…

Dry skin?

Go ahead and use that face mask every day!

Expect increased skin moisture levels in the forecast.

Sensitive skin?

Instead of sheet masks, lather up in layers of cream / ampule and put a cloth over your face. Bask in cream...relax in the ampule...for 10-15 mins.

Oily skin?

Only put a mask on 1 to 2 times a week!

Benefits will just...explode. Use the face mask more than that...breakouts will explode!

Additional Tips:

DO NOT put on a face mask before you get your period!

DO NOT keep your face masks in the fridge because it’s 2 degrees C...and I feel like that's kind of weird. You want to store it somewhere that’s around 14 degrees C. A cabinet will do.

DO NOT use face masks in a bath or in a sauna! Use them when your skin is all clean!

Face masks should be stored facing flat instead of facing up because then the ampule will go to the bottom of the sheet.

Written by: AMIRA Show & Klezzo

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