How To Stay Keto This Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is RIGHT around the corner!

Uh-oh…you also promised to stick to your New Year’s resolution of cleaning eating and achieving KETOSIS!


This Beauty Booth post is here for YOU and here to save your romantic and lovely day wit-cha boothang! For the purposes of validity, most of my information will be coming from

SO…lets recap on what the Keto diet consists of.

High fat, high protein, barely any carbs, and hardly and sugars.

Yes…back to caveman basics…or do they say that’s how Paleo is…meh.

Whatever. Can’t keep up. Your fats will come from oils such as olive oil, and fats from meat. Pile on the protein, lean or fatty. Carbs are in a lot of the foods we eat but there are complex carbs (what you want because it’ll break down slower and be used for energy), and there are simple carbs (basically breaks down immediately converting to sugar and adding to nothing but the gut!). Carbs are in your veggies, but not as prominent as a piece of bread. More on that soon! Lastly! Your sugar comes from anything you can think of that is naturally sweet or artificially sweet. Your fruits, and your sweet sauces, candy, syrup in your bar drinks, etc.

How to BE KETO…

Now the overall goal for Ketosis is to remain under 20 grams of carbohydrates daily. You can push to 50 grams…but the lower the better. Other low carb foods consist of butter, eggs, avocado, cheese, fish and coconut fat. What do 20 grams of carbs look like? You can get a nice diagram on But, it looks like a plate of tons of veggies or a plate with one half of a burger bun. Perspective, no? It also looks like one fully cooked potato and a small handful of pasta or rice. Place that in the back of your mind. We’ve been taught that fat is bad for us…well, it’s not. Fat is needed to burn fat for energy, hunger stabilization, vitamin absorption and a few other reasons that you can find at You also find some clarity on healthy fats as well. But do some research on FAT. You’d be surprised at what you learn! Okay…lastly, the sweets. How can you live without SUGAR! Easy, you don’t. You just fool the system and refine where you get your sugar. So, again, there are sugars in many things. Let’s start with our drinks from the bar. Alcohol is fine. 100%. It’s when we add all types of sugar and syrup to the mix. Unfortunately, you’ll have to be a thug and drink everything straight. BOOM. There’s the solution to your alcohol problem. Just be wary…as you progress through Keto…you’ll become a super lightweight. No biggie. It’s just cheaper to get drunk…I’m speaking from appreciated experience. You can also enjoy a glass of dry red wine. Aim for Merlot for a medium dry and Burgandy for an off-dry. Drier than that? Bordeaux, hands down. Still looking at the candy bar? Not to fear. Shift your attention to the dark chocolate that is 70% and up. It’ll take some getting used to, but 70% is still sweet. It actually gets to the point that milk chocolate becomes too sweet for you. Gross.

Now that we have all of this information…let’s put it all together to save your dinner date!

Appetizer. Get some grilled veggies. And you may have ONE piece of bread or dinner roll if you find it worth going a little over your 20 grams of carbs for the night.

Dinner. Big ole steak and veggies. Whatever butter and oils can be added. NO SWEET SAUCES. If you find the night to be worth it, get your pasta with cream sauce to the side. The marinara we can keep in the pasta. Only eat a small bit and save the rest for…your partner. Cause you don’t need it after the clock strikes 12. More like 10. Same goes for any rice.

Drinks. A glass of dry wine! Or a shot of straight alcohol! Who’s the designated driver?

Dessert. Don’t get any dessert. It’s all bad, unless they have a pint of Halo Top ice cream (which is actually Keto approved! Can you believe it?) You’re better off preparing for dessert by grabbing all kinds of dark chocolates earlier in the day and playing a blindfold game of “Can You Guess the Chocolate?” with your partner. Cute, right? I just thought of it.

SO…a rather lengthy blog this time…but you now have nooooooo excuse to break ketosis!

Check out for some visual diagrams on foods and when you’re pushing your keto and carb limit. Very useful and I enjoy visuals and clarity.

Good luck on your Valentine’s Day!

Published by: Amira Bryant

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