Keep Your Glowing Skin Even When You’re Sick!

When you're sick in bed...not wanting to move...aching...fatigued...basically dying, it’s a little difficult to take care of yourself. Let alone be MOTIVATED to take care of yourself. You glance at your nails, your hair, your SKIN and


You can’t look anymore. But we got you! For this week’s Klezzo BeautyBooth post, we’ll be covering how you can take care of your skin even when you’re dying in bed with the flu...

1. The Power of Sleeping Masks!

These are moisturizing hydration masks that you can wear to sleep! No need to take it off or rinse your face.

Simply rub them onto your face and neck and sleep away. Then, when you wake up to glowing skin, you can finally say,

“I woke up like this!”

2. No energy for makeup? Go for a natural nude look and simply brighten up your eyes by using tea bags!

WAIT. WHAT? Tea bags???

Use frozen tea bags of any kind to de-puff your eyes and simply put on mascara!

Sick eyes annihilated! Glam eyes activated!

3. Mmmmmmm, Facial Mists!

It’s hard to keep your skin glowing especially when you’re sick. You’re dehydrated and tired, of course. That’s when you start spraying facial mist everywhere! Spray it in your room, on your face, even your entire body if necessary.

Just keep takes little effort...and it’s fun too, right??

4. Unclog with Some Steam!

Try to get some steam into your routine when you’re sick.

NOT ONLY will it help with the clogged nose but it’ll ALSO help open up the pores of your skin and will help get toxins out when you wash your face! Not too mention the feel good relaxation that is guaranteed, so get in that shower and crank up the heat!

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