Read for Girls- Celebrating International Women's Day!!!!!

Since the early 2010s, there seems to be a holiday celebration for everyone!!!

"For example, Pancake Day for IHOP and National Best Friends Day. None of these new holidays could even REMOTELY surpass International Women’s Day."

While the creators or committees of these holidays seem anonymous, they gain traction through the well-timed relevance. Starting on the 8th of this month...and continuing until the end, women around the world happily turned to friends, family, and social media in order to look back at history and celebrate the women who have shaped society as we know it.

From traditional influencers such as Rosa Parks, Marie Curie, and Rosalind modern-day like influencers Michelle Obama, Cardi B, and Serena Williams, we have constant reminders through the history of who is running the world.


Anna Boden directed the anticipated film Captain Marvel starring Brie Larson (‘nuff said about the come up), and the girl power was unleashed this month SURELY to remind us that we can prevail and break ceilings...just as she contributed to in such a male-dominated genre. We’re seeing more leading women in the Marvel and DC comic series and we've even witnessed the fruits of off-camera work as Ruth Carter accepted an Oscar for her amazing costume design in Black Panther.

What a great year in the step of women power!

Let us not forget...our EVERYDAY women that walk this earth!!

We recognize our mothers, single mothers, grandmothers, aunties, sisters, educators, EMT’s, underground music artists, PR specialists, business owners and serial-entrepreneurs, lawyers, women who are depressed, women who are struggling to take a stand, women who want to end thier lives, women who feel like giving up, women who are feeling like taking on the world, women who uplift other women, our “bossy” little girls, our fearless women, our impulsive women, our women with the wrinkles, our women with the curves, our skinny women, our boy crazy women, our hopeless romantic women, our transgendered women, our non-binary gems, our lesbian and bisexual women, ANY woman in the LGBT community, our introverted and quiet women, our women who don’t talk much, our women who talk TOO much, our promiscuous and sex-crazed women, our women who love make-up, our adventerous women, our women that aren’t too cautious, our ignorant women, our traditional women, our post-feminist women, our self-hating and self-loving women, our women who love them cheat days...everyday, our minority women, our white women, our women of every and any culture...


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