REAL: Why & How I Started My Dream Radio Show- AMIRA BRYANT

Welcome to the first BeautyBooth REAL post of the year!

Amira Bryant is a host & creator of the radio show, The Amira Show. For this first post, we had the honor to have Amira share her stories about her life, her career, and her passion.


My name is Amira Bryant and I’m the host and creator of The AMIRA Show! Which is how I met Klezzo. Funny enough, Klezzo was one of my first interviews during the very weekend launch of my show. That’s right! They caught me at the OFFICIAL beginning of my show and growth!

I’m 26, I’m bisexual and I was born in Killeen, Texas on December 16th, 1992.

I am or was a military brat so it was always weird when everyone asked where I came from…because it was different every couple of years due to moving and being stationed everywhere! It’s still weird to answer that question, but I’m a little smoother with it now.

When it was time to graduate high school, my family was a unique bunch at the time. I had two step-parents and four step-siblings with a half sibling on the way…or he was already here…can’t really remember (haha!). I have two blood siblings and I love all of these people!

In 2011, attended Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky and in 2015 I earned my Bachelors in Sociology with a Minor in Textiles Apparel Merchandising. I ran off to Atlanta afterwards…like immediately. Like half of my senior year I kind of was already halfway living in Atlanta with my cousin and building a life there. I couldn’t wait to leave and chase an imaginary dream of a career in fashion. That was soon crushed as I got there because I realized I was more into the sociology behind it. I didn’t want to believe it…but yeah. I grew bored of that soon.

Question: Was Amira ready for the big girl world?

NO! Oh man! I had a couple of jobs, my cousin and I were a struggle bus, we did fine but it was a definite challenge. It was common to go and huddle up at my aunties house who lived 45 minutes away in Griffin. I had too much confidence in my piece of paper diploma and thought that I didn’t need very much preparation for a career or anything. I thought I would get snatched up as a young woman with a degree…it don’t work like that.

I made the decision to try again. Basically, start over. I was one of the students who were the sh*t at my previous college and I knew I could utilize so many resources and opportunities to have a better outcome come the graduation of my program to earn my Master of Education. My specific area of focus was in Student Affairs. Don’t ask any of us what that means because its such a huge umbrella. So, I say, “service to students” for my definition.

I enjoyed my time, made many more connections and racked up so many resources and experience to create a stellar resume should I pursue a career in higher education…WHICH WAS THE PLAN AT THE TIME. I swear it was! Otherwise I wouldn’t have gone that route! I’m criticized all of the time for getting a degree that I’m not using…wellllllll…

Deep down, I’ve always had a goal to be…famous. Known. On TV. International. Oprah.

Something along those lines. I said it out loud for the first time when I was in Atlanta. Then I said it in class in front of classmates and acquaintances…I got blank stares. So…it was crushed and suppressed for a moment. My thoughts were, maybe I be a superstar in education (lol). As my classmates and cohort and new friends grew to know me more…as I griped and b*tched to my parents, best friends and close squads…I decided during the last semester of my schooling that I wanted to run away to California and just chase…dreams. Anything I wanted to explore, that’s where I wanted to do it.

I kept my plans to myself to exclude my family, best friends and close squads. Because you know how that is…everyone has something to say. I was planning finances, reaching out to connections in California, establishing a temporary place to stay, I even got a new truck (well my last one broke down…I ran it into the ground. Shame on me.). You just have to trust your gut and just live. The good thing is that I’m young with no kids…well cats…they might as well be my damn kids. But they can hang with lower maintenance.

Two weeks after I graduated in December of 2017, I packed my entire apartment in my truck and I left to California. I arrived December 31st. That drive was ass by the way. The Western Connector can kick all of the rocks.

When I arrived, I had to switch up many plans that I had from starting some kind of a new school program to moving and…it was a lot. I was at a slight low…it was pretty low. I was so broke, and it took forever to land a job. I had the support of my parents and close friends and my boyfriend (he was still in Kentucky at the time). SO, I was able to push through.

You’re probably like…get to the goods! How’d you get into radio! Okay, okay lemme tell you. I took a class beginning in February at Long Beach City College called Radio Activity.  Basically, they teach you kind of the history and provide hands-on experience in their two Award-winning radio stations. KLBC 1610 AM and KCTY 107.7 FM. I was on both stations just kind of playing around with it and getting the hang of it. But come the Fall Semester, I was like…GAME ON! I need to take the most advantage of this opportunity and begin building serious experience, a portfolio and a resume so I can hopefully get picked up by a station or something. Me or The AMIRA Show!, I don’t care which.

Basically…I think I’ve found what’s working with me so far. So far, I love radio and hosting. I just want to act silly and use my voice. Just showcase me and what’s going on around me…things I care about anyways.

The AMIRA Show! is now housed with internet station, Nai Radio in Los Angeles where you can listen live!

You can also find me on Spotify, Spreaker and iTunes for listening platforms. I’ll soon begin work to get on more platforms, but I’m good here for the moment. Topics we cover: sex, women, the LGBT community, daily BS, and I have a segment called TWERK TIME! to honor the TWERK!!! I have a couple of other segments called StoryTime! and Poppin Pop Quiz by Pink Royalty (my sex toy sponsor). When you tune in on Fridays from 6PM to 8PM PST, you’ll hear me and my co-hosts and you’ll always hear me shouting out nothing but love to my lovely partner in business crime, The Klezzo.

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